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First of all, birding is big business!  The 2006 National Survey of Fishing, Hunting and Wildlife-associated Recreation reported that 47.8 million US residents participated in birding around their home or on trips.  Over 71 million Americans spent nearly $45 billion in retail sales on observing, feeding, or watching wildlife in the US in 2006.  We can attract more nature-based tourists to North Carolina.  Their local tourism expenditures (food, lodging, transportation, etc.) will provide a boost to local economies and show our residents that there is a value to be placed on protecting our natural resources.  The NC Birding Trail will also provide a great educational opportunity for young and old, alike, and may attract more people to visit the natural places that make North Carolina such a beautiful state in which to live and play.  More than 35 states across the US have their own birding or wildlife trails.

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