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First of all, birding is big business!  The 2006 National Survey of Fishing, Hunting and Wildlife-associated Recreation reported that 47.8 million US residents participated in birding around their home or on trips.  Over 71 million Americans spent nearly $45 billion in retail sales on observing, feeding, or watching wildlife in the US in 2006.  We can attract more nature-based tourists to North Carolina.  Their local tourism expenditures (food, lodging, transportation, etc.) will provide a boost to local economies and show our residents that there is a value to be placed on protecting our natural resources.  The NC Birding Trail will also provide a great educational opportunity for young and old, alike, and may attract more people to visit the natural places that make North Carolina such a beautiful state in which to live and play.  More than 35 states across the US have their own birding or wildlife trails.

Last updated on March 30, 2012 by NC Birding Trail Coordinator