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Audubon Birds & Climate Change Report

Last year, The Audubon Society released a report highlighting the potential effects of climate change on bird species using the most up-to-date modeling. The study identified 314 species that are either Climate Threatened (may lose over 50% of its current range by 2080) or Climate Endangered (may lose over 50% of its current range by 2050). Many of these species occur in North Carolina. The study includes interactive maps that visualize the estimated range shifts of these species (see this example for the American Bittern).

Data collected through two popular, long-term citizen science projects, the Christmas Bird Count and the Breeding Bird Survey were combined with greenhouse gas emissions scenarios to estimate range shifts of birds due to a warming climate. While the ground-breaking study is a first attempt, it represents the best information available quantifying the effect of our changing climate on birds.

You can learn more about the study and the climate threatened and climate endangered birds on their website.