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Ev-Henwood Nature Preserve


Ev-Henwood Nature Preserve is a 174-acre preserve in northeastern Brunswick County, donated to UNC Wilmington in perpetuity for the purpose of nature observation and nature education. The preserve presents birders with opportunities to explore both a traditional southeastern floodplain forest and a climax hardwood community. Breeding species and migrants may be heard and located in the vicinity of the two creeks crossed by the entrance road, near the parking area, and on upland trails. Check the floodplain forest on the Black Gum and Stewartia Trails for Swainson's Warbler and listen for Barred Owl. Also, walk the trail along Town Creek (the southern boundary of the preserve) to look for waterthrush and other migrating songbirds, plus breeding Northern Parula and Prothonotary Warbler. Indigo Bunting and Blue Grosbeak may be found in the fields surrounding the ponds.

Species of Interest (Full Bird List)

Prothonotary Warbler, Swainson?s Warbler, Summer Tanager, Blue Grosbeak, Indigo Bunting


pine/hardwood forest, floodplain forest, isolated wetlands, early successional

Access and Parking

The site is open daily during daylight hours. Numerous trails depart from the parking area. Trail maps are available on-site.


From Wilmington, take US 17 South. At mile marker 39, set trip to zero and turn right on Zion Church Road in 0.6 miles. At 1.3 miles, turn right on Town Creek Road and then left on Rock Creek Road at 2.3 miles. A sign marks the preserve?s entrance on Rock Creek Road, at 2.9 miles. Take a left onto the gravel road and follow it to the parking/kiosk area at 3.4 miles. Should the gate not be open, there is parking near the gate, trail maps, and walk-in access to the preserve via the Tulip Tree Trail. Because Zion Church Road is a loop, if approaching from the south on US 17, set trip to zero at mile marker 37 and turn left on Zion Church Road in 0.2 miles and then left on Town Creek Road at 0.8 miles and proceed to Rock Creek Road as above.

Google Directions

Delorme Gazetteer Page


Bird List

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