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Goose Creek Game Land - Spring Creek Impoundment


Walk the short trail that leaves from the north side of the parking area. Listen and look for a variety of bird species in the marshes on both sides of the trail, including Osprey, Common Yellowthroat, Red-winged Blackbird and other wetland-associated species. Watch for Bald Eagle overhead. Clapper Rail and other wading birds are probable here; the Black Rail is a rare possibility. Listen for Chuck-will's-widow at dawn or dusk. American Black Duck may be found nesting in the marsh. During the winter, rafts of wintering waterfowl can be spotted on the impoundment. During migration, look for a variety of shorebirds.

Species of Interest (Full Bird List)

Bald Eagle, Chuck-will?s-widow, Red-headed Woodpecker, rails, winter waterfowl, wading birds


isolated wetlands, wetland forest, managed waterfowl impoundment

Special Features/Concerns

Hunting is allowed on Game Lands during certain times of year. Birders should be aware of current hunting regulations and seasons and take adequate safety precautions during those times. For more on hunting season safety precautions, see the hunting season information at the beginning of this guide.

Access and Parking

A short trail leaves from the parking area and heads north for less than 0.25 miles, to the southwest corner of Spring Creek Impoundment.


From the intersection of NC 33 and NC 306 in Aurora, head east on NC 33 for 10 miles. After passing the NC Wildlife Resources Commission?s Smith Creek Boat Access area, travel 0.8 miles farther and watch for a parking area on the left, signed with a brown and white binoculars sign, indicating a wildlife viewing area.

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Bird List

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