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Yadkin River Greenway


This paved greenway system is a nice mix of riparian zone and other habitats. The YMCA-Riverside Park section adjoins large recreational fields, which attract good numbers of migrating shorebirds and songbirds. The Reddies River-Health Foundation section is adjacent to large agricultural fields with ample shrubby borders and fruit-producing trees and shrubs. Both sections also border good sized patches of mature forest. This variety of habitats reflects the variety of bird species found at any season. Summer brings Indigo Bunting, occasional Blue Grosbeak, Orchard Oriole, a variety of vireos, Yellow-billed Cuckoo, and many warblers, including Yellow-throated Warbler, Common Yellowthroat and Northern Parula. Cliff and Barn Swallows are also found along the Greenway. Fall can be very good time to visit, with a wide variety of resident and more common birds (e.g., Gray Catbird, Northern Cardinal, woodpecker species) and many migrating songbirds and shorebirds. Recently, Upland Sandpiper and Buff-breasted Sandpiper have been observed in the recreational fields by the YMCA access, along with scores of Killdeer and Canada Geese. During the fall migration, the Reddies River section hosts good numbers of warblers, including Tennessee, Magnolia, Black-throated Green, Cape May, Black-throated Blue Warblers and Ovenbird.

Species of Interest (Full Bird List)

Yellow-billed Cuckoo, Yellow-throated Vireo, Northern Parula, Baltimore Oriole


floodplain forest, oak forest & mixed hardwoods/pine, river, early successional

Access and Parking

The greenway has seven trailheads between North Wilkesboro and W. Kerr Scott Reservoir. In North Wilkesboro: 1) Smoot Park, 2) on D Street at Reddies River Bridge, 3) on D Street at the Health Foundation/West Park. In Wilkesboro: 1) at Cornerstone Church, 2) at Tyson Trailhead behind Wilkes Heritage Museum, 3) at the east end of Collegiate Avenue, 4) behind Wilkes Family YMCA adjacent to Rivers Edge Park. The final trailhead is at the base of the dam at W. Kerr Scott Reservoir. Parking is available at all trailheads. The greenway can be accessed daily during daylight hours.


Two of the easiest trailheads to find are the YMCA access adjacent to Rivers Edge Park and the Health Foundation/West Park trailhead on D Street. To the YMCA access: follow NC 268 south from its junction with US 421. Go 1.3 miles on NC 268 South to the YMCA center on the right. Parking is available at Becky's Park, immediately behind the YMCA; or continue from this parking lot an additional 0.1 miles to the recreational fields. To the Reddies River/Health Foundation/West Park access: exit from US 421 onto US 421 Business just west of the NC 268 interchange. Go 1.3 miles to West Park on the right. Proceed down to the river in the large parking lot beside the Express YMCA and look for the trailhead immediately adjacent to the Wilkes Rehabilitation Center.

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Bird List

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